Understanding the Return to Player Rates for Slot Machines

  • Jan 22, 2021

Part of the overall winning strategy for a player at a casino is through the return to players rates such as at https://www.netentcasinos.money . When a casino game has a high return to player rate, it means you get the chance to keep most of your winnings.


What Does Return to Player Mean?

Return to player refers to the total sum of money which is payable to the customer by an online casino after finishing all rounds on the reels. The amount is expressed in form of a percentage for the gameplay such as at https://www.kulturen.org .

  • High RTP rates make up players winnings
  • Low RTP rates makes up for house edge

As a player, it is important to ensure you go for the high payout percentage through the high return to player rates. A low return to player rate means a large part of your winnings is kept by the house after finishing all rounds.

How is Return to Player Rate Calculated?

The return to player rats is as a result of mathematical formulas. You divide the total amount payable to the player by the customer with the total number of wagers placed by the player. The same applies when getting the total bets by the place.

Casino games such as Blackjack are obvious where you can win with the half bets to be place but the slots with large payout jackpots. It can pay out less but with a considerable amount. The end result remains similar over a period of time.

Why are There Differences in the RTP of Slots?

NetEnt casino tends to have different RTP rates for their slot machines. There are a number of reasons that create the need for the variations. First off, NetEnt needs to create a margin on slots. The margin would not be set if only high RTP were offered.

  • RTP rates vary
  • Each slot machines has its RTP rate

In other occasions, players are unaware of the differences that exist when playing the slot games. A standard RTP for most of the games at NetEnt stands at 96%. Providers engage the players while lowering the rates of RTP at the online casino.

What About Variance?

Variance is a closely rated term that is used to describe the slot games. There is a close relation between the RTP rate of a game and the subsequent variance. Both factors play a huge role in determining the winning ways by the player.

With low variance games, it offers a low risk level for players to take on the various casino games. It has a high winning potential however the returns are small. For high variance games, it packs a high rate of return but not that often.

  • Variance relates closely with RTP
  • Variance also refers to the volatility of slots

Can Players Control RTP?

No. The return to player rates are beyond the control of the house and players. The return to payer rates form part of a written code engraved into the architecture of the slot machine. Each slot machine has its own return to player rates.

Slot machines have a RNG that ensures production of random outcomes each time a player spins the reels. Therefore, the chances of one player winning remain similar from one player to the next. Slot games are a game of pure luck and does not depend on any strategy.

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