Introduction to NetEnt and NetEnt Free Slots

  • Jan 22, 2021

NetEnt studio is the leading producer of casino slots in the iGaming world. They have their software solutions produced in-house. There is a variety of NetEnt online slots available, as you can see on site. As you play NetEnt slots, you will be entertained and have the potential of winning a fortune.

Intrduction to Free NetEnt Slots

Can you play for free? Why not? You can't win money on free slots. However, it is the best place you can start as a novice player. Of cos, you don't want to blow out your fortune on the first day. It will be very expensive while trying all NetEnt varieties in mesquitesgolf site.

Well, all NetEnt slots come with both real money and demo version. They both retain similar attributes since they run on the same server. The beauty of playing on the demo version is that you will test different slots without losing a single dime. There is no need to taste waters, yet there are demo versions.

  • Free mode games retain exiting features such as Scatter Symbols, Wild symbols, and Bonus Features.

How to Find A Good Slot on Demo Mode

Let's assume that you have selected a few slots to do the comparison. In demo version, you will test your slots on three moods; Positive (hot), Negative (cold), and Neutral. The positive slot has a positive prize pool. It means a lot of people have lost money previously. The slot has the potential to fire huge winnings.

We can say the slot is in a negative mood when there is a negative balance on the prize pool. It paid out a massive win previously. Such a slot needs a lot of money to compensate. It is good if you shy away from it. The slot is on Neutral mode when the prize pool is zero.

Finding an Ideal Slot

The idea is to play on a slot with a positive balance in the prize pool. So how do we identify such? Well, you start playing on your demo version. Try to understand how the slot reacts to coins in different denominations. If you find out that the bonus is triggering frequently, then the slot is warm.

If you lose your virtual money, keep changing the coin denomination. If the slot is eating away money in all denominations, i is on "Negative mood". You should try another slot. When you find an ideal slot in free mode, it is okay to try real money. However, you should start with the coins on the lowest denomination.

  • Learn those tactics using the minimum stakes on both real money and demo version.
  • Try slots with highest RTP of above 97%.
  • Getting the ideal slot needs experience and time.

Most Popular Slots Available on Free Mode

All NetEnt slots come with the option to play for free. However, not all slots are popular. Here, we will discuss some slots where you can play if you want to gain the experience required in playing profitable slots. The beauty of NetEnt slots is that there is no limit in the number of times you play.

Free Video Slots. They are the digital-age replica of the traditional slot machine available on brick and mortar scenario. However, such slots possess modern game mechanics that differentiate them from on-land equivalents. Video slots are the most popular slots where most gamblers play for free. Video slots come in different types such as jackpots, branded, and simple games.

  • Some of the characteristics of video slots include complex narratives, multiple slot reels, side games, and beautiful 3D graphics.

Free Live Casino

Free Live casino enables you to play your favorite slot at your comfort. However, you play as if you are physicaly available at on-land casino. What makes such slots enjoyable is the fact that you can socialize with both croupier and other players. Some of the popular free Live Casinos include Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and Stud Poker.

Jackpots. NetEnt has a free jackpot option. How jackpot works are very simple. A tiny portion of stakes from every player is added to a pot. The lucky player walks away with the whole or a portion of the jackpot. Some of the most popular free mode jackpots include Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune, and Caribbean stud poker.


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